NEW TO ESS 2020: Illustrative Case Studies

Illustrative Case Studies



What is an illustrative clinical case study?

This is a descriptive presentation of a particular case or cases that illustrates an issue or phenomenon that has occurred in the clinical setting. This may focus upon any aspect of seating,  postural management and wheeled mobility for example, seating-acquired pressure ulceration or novel use of equipment.

What is the Scientific Committee looking for in these clinical case studies?

We are looking for details of real-life issues or phenomena that have arisen in your clinical case-loads. We are hoping that by sharing these unusual or interesting clinical cases – such as the suggested treatment plan, intervention, management, success and disappointment – your peers will take away practical learning which will help to influence their own case management. Sharing and discussion by the attending delegates will support the overall learning outcomes of these sessions.

What is the Scientific Committee not looking for in these clinical case studies?

Specific product endorsement or criticism. 

What will be the expectations on the presenting author/s?

We hope to schedule these illustrative clinical case studies as extended sessions lasting twenty minutes, giving ten minutes for presentation and ten minutes for discussion.  We would anticipate that the author/s will welcome active interaction and discussion about the issue and that all attending may leave with a new appreciation for the application and management of the clinical case.