Provisional Programme

Tuesday 15 June 2021 – ESS 2021 PreSymposium
09.00-17.00 An Introduction to Alternative Driving & Controls for Powered Mobility
Cathy Doherty, Kevin Tallon, Simon Brennan, Central Remedial Clinic (Ireland)
Postural Management Using a Standing Device Across the Life Span
Dr Ginny Paleg (USA)
Manual Wheelchair Skills Full Day Workshop for Clinicians
Mira Robin (Canada), and Ruth Hanley, Central Remedial Clinic (Ireland)
Moving, Learning, and Socializing: How to Adapt a Toy Car for Children with Physical Disabilities
by Go Baby Go
Ana Alegretti (USA), Theresa Plummer (USA), Catherine Durcan (Ireland), Central Remedial Clinic (Ireland)
Wednesday 16 June 2021 – ESS Day 1
09.15-11.00 PLENARY 1 – Picture This: ON TIME Mobility for All Children. Chair: Dr Ginny Paleg
Snapshot 1: There’s no time like the present! Exploration Dr Teresa Plummer (United States)
Snapshot 2: What a fun time! Power mobility interventions Dr Lisa Kenyon (United States)
Snapshot 3: It’s my time! Power mobility outcomes Dr Heather Feldner (United States)
Session Title Early Mobility Service User Perspectives Outcome Measures Postural Management Illustrative Case Case Studies Illustrative Case Studies
Early Mobility and Powered Wheelchair Evidence Review (EMPoWER): Examining the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of earlier provision of powered mobility interventions for children with mobility limitations Dr Nathan Bray (United Kingdom) Becoming a wheelchair user: exploring the experiences of adults with spinal cord injury as they adjust to wheelchair use John Lynch (Ireland) Development and Evaluation of a Measure for the Assessment of Confidence Among Pediatric Manual Wheelchair Users Paula Rushton (Canada) 24 hour postural management: the impact on service users and caregivers Dr Shelly Crawford, Dr May Stinson (United Kingdom) Sitting after eight years in supine: A joint SeatTech & Primary Care team work illustrative case study Emer Lotty (Ireland) Exploring the effect of wheelchair prescription for holistic living in people living with MND Jenny Rolfe (United Kingdom)
The Explorer Mini: A glimpse into early work of early users Dr Teresa Plummer (United States) Maximizing participation through wheelchairs skills training: Piloting an information pack with children with Spina Bifida and/or hydrocephalus and their families Joanne McGlanaghy (Ireland) French-Canadian Translation & Adaptation of the ISWP Basic Wheelchair Service Provision Test (bWSPT) Paula Rushton (Canada) Illustrative Case Study – 24 hour Postural Care and Management Silvana Contepomi (Argentina) The Social Determinants of Physical Function and Mobility Veronica Atwill (Canada) Balancing Posture and Pressure in Complex Custom Seating Chandra Panda (Ireland)
Exploring the association between change in power mobility skill and achievement of parent-selected activity and participation goals following a 6-month loan of an early power mobility device Roslyn Livingstone (Canada) Hearing the Voices of Children in the Assistive Technology Assessment: Adapting the Irish Matching Person with Technology (IMPT) to a multimedia format through a Universal Design Approach Trish McKeogh (Ireland) Activities and participation with mobility devices: which assessment tools? Preliminary validation of the Wheelchair Outcome Measure Italian version for young people Dr Devis Trioschi, Dr Annalisa Groppi (Italy) Illustrative Case Study – Unseatable: Understanding the Differences in Sitting and Lying Dr Jennifer McKee (Ireland)
13.30-14.00 Quantum Pride Sunrise Medical
14.00-15.00 WORKSHOPS
Taking the Plunge: Providing Total Mobility to Maximize Participation in Childhood Experiences (Beginner) Dr Lisa Kenyon (United States) The importance of technological education combined with clinical practice (Intermediate) Ádner Silva (Netherlands) Restraints and restrictive practice (Intermediate) Simon Hall (Ireland) Custom Molded Seating and the Pelvis: Orthopedic and Visceral Considerations (Intermediate) Dr Carina Siracusa, Casey Clark (United States) Does the evidence support a 24hr postural management approach and how does this impact on current clinical practice? (Beginner) Dr Shelly Crawford, Dr May Stinson (United Kingdom) Spinal Muscular Atrophy: New Treatments/New Horizons (Beginner) Maureen Story (Canada)
15.30-16.30 WORKSHOPS
What Wheelchair Professionals Need to Know About Air Travel (Beginner) Dr Jessica Presperin Pedersen (United States) Maximizing Propulsion Efficiency (Beginner) Jane Fontein (Canada) Enhancing participation by augmenting mobility for young children with disabilities (Intermediate) Roslyn Livingstone (Canada), Dr Ginny Paleg (United States) Using pressure mapping in rolling shower commode chair assessments (Intermediate) Emma Friesen (Netherlands) The Answers We Need Are in the Hands-On Assessment (Beginner) Jennifer McKee (Ireland) Back to the Future: Selecting Back Supports to Maximize Client Support and Function (Beginner) Kathy Fisher (Canada)
16.30-17.00 BREAK
17.00-19.00 WORKSHOPS
Flash Forward: A Lifespan Approach to Cerebral Palsy (Beginner) Andrina Sabet, Diane Thomson (United States) Contemporary Strategies for Providing Education in Assistive Technology (Intermediate) Dr Mark Schmeler (United States) Building Blocks for Success with Early Intervention Seating & Mobility (Beginner) Stephanie Tanguay (United States) Wheelchair Service  Personnel – Voicing the Challenges of Practice to Maximise Participation (Intermediate) Dr Rosemary Joan Gowran (Ireland), Jackie Casey (Sweden) How does a wheelchair and seating service comply with EU MDR requirements? (Intermediate) Andrew Dunne, Martin Cox (United Kingdom) Why sit when you can stand? A systematic review of the evidence related to sit to stand wheelchairs (Intermediate) Ruth Hanley, Emer Gunning, Jackie Bowler (Ireland)
Stay Seated! The effects of vibration on seated posture (Beginner) Sheila Buck (Canada) When configuring manual chairs, focus on important parameters…mass is not even in the top three Prof Stephen Sprigle, Chris Maurer (United States) Advances in Custom Contoured Seating (CCS) Technology – Sharing our journey in 3D (Intermediate) John Tiernan (Ireland) The Ethics of Intelligent Assistive Technologies: From Wheelchairs to Home Monitoring (Intermediate) Dr Emma Smith (Ireland) Selection, placement and fixation of flexible postural support devices in seating (Intermediate) Dr Barend ter Haar (United Kingdom) Good Vibrations – Can Manual Wheelchair Design Principles Mitigate the Adverse Effects of Vibration? (Intermediate) Debbie Pucci (United States)
Thursday 17 June 2021 – ESS Day 2
09.00-11.00 PLENARY 2 – Advances in Technology. Chair: Dr Rory O’Sullivan
Assistive Technology – Helping to make things possible Gareth Rowan (United Kingdom)
My journey to walk again Jennifer Smyth (United Kingdom)
Disrupt devices; disrupt disability Rachael Wallach (United Kingdom)
Session Title Large Data Studies Assistive Technology Technological Innovations Customised Solutions Illustrative Case Studies Illustrative Case Studies
Cross-sectional study identifying risk factors hindering independent wheelchair mobility for children with cerebral palsy Jackie Casey (Sweden) Vindicating the Rights of Person’s with Disabilities through Assistive Technology Trish McKeogh (Ireland) Designing a methodology for testing stability characteristics of seating support surfaces for wheelchairs Arne Compernolle (Belgium), Kara Kopplin (United States) Use of Specialist Custom Moulded Seating Design and Technology in Maximising Performance in Disability Sports Nicola Wood (United Kingdom) Seating and postural management in hemipelvectomy Dr Davide Dalla Costa (Italy) Adapting Practice for Complex Home Accessibility Shangdar Ronglo, Tom Meredith, Mary Galvin (Ireland)
Assessment of wheeled mobility devices provided by a large insurance carrier in the US over one year Prof Stephen Sprigle (United States) Supporting students to reach their potential through access to AT Siobhan Long (Ireland) Mechanical characterisation of potential materials for use in 3D printed custom wheelchair cushions Susan Nace (Ireland) Scoliosis Braces VS Customized Seating System in Severe Neuromotor Disorders:  a X-Ray evidence-based approach Dr Marco Tofani, Dr Luca Lucibello (Italy) Dystonic Cerebral Palsy and adjustable forward flexed seating system: A seating technician’s perspective Sebastien Sauve-Hoover (Canada) Identification of aids for return to driving in a case of young man with high tetraplegia Roberta Vannini (Italy)
What Large Data is Showing in Relation to Seating and Mobility Interventions Dr Mark Schmeler (United States) Assistive Technology (AT) Passport concept development:  survey to validate potential attributes Mohamed Maalim (Ireland) Development of a custom, flexible force sensor to detect patient position and movement in a wheelchair Robert Podoloff (United States) A review of seating issued with an integrated airflow system Ben Hackett, Corien Staels (United Kingdom)
13.30-14.00 Quantum Pride Sunrise Medical
14.00-15.00 WORKSHOPS
Excellence in Seating and rehabilitation for Patients with Severe Obesity (Intermediate) Malene Alexandrowitz (Denmark) “I’m not your inspiration, thank you very much!”: How mobility related inspiration narratives impact technology users, our field, and society (Intermediate) Dr Heather Feldner, Andrina Sabet (United States) Intrathecal Baclofen Pump (ITB) and seating. What changes after implanting ITB (Intermediate) Loes Mulder, Carolien Martens (Netherlands) The Pelvic Floor in Wheelchair Seating: Physiotherapy Perspectives (Intermediate) Dr Carina Siracusa (United States) FEA Study of Wheelchair Interventions regarding Pressure Ulcers (Intermediate) Dr Alexander Siefert (Germany) A Collaborative Approach: Moulded Seating for Self-Propulsion (Advanced) Sharon Power (Ireland)
15.30-16.30 WORKSHOPS
The Who, What, When, Where and Why of Wheelchair Education Integration: Introduction of a new model (Beginner) Dr Mary Goldberg (United States) Advancements in Technology: Considerations for Pain Reduction Through Dynamic Seating Interventions (Intermediate) Sheila Buck (Canada) It’s All About Balance: Getting the Rear Axle Right on Self-Propelled Manual Wheelchairs (Intermediate) Faith Brown (United Kingdom) Understanding the relationship of developmental milestones and how self-initiated mobility contributes to development (Advanced) Dr Teresa Plummer (United States) Creative solutions for people with complex shapes and complex goals (Advanced) Mary McDonagh, Catherine Durcan (Ireland) Children’s Wheelchair Skills Training Clubs in Northern Ireland (Intermediate) Emma Regan, Lorraine Abernethy, Carol Grills (United Kingdom)
Friday 18 June 2021 – ESS Day 3
09.00-11.00 PLENARY 3 – Sports, Leisure and Recreation.
Thriving through Adversity Jack Kavanagh (Ireland)
Fit for Life: Encouraging Participation in Exercise and Sports Claire Hickey & Tara Lyons (Ireland)
Focusing on what a person can do, not what they can’t Naomi Fitzgibbon (Ireland)
The ‘F’ Words in Childhood disability-are we using enough of them? Dr Ginny Paleg (United States)
Session Title Powered Mobility Pressure International Perspectives Advancing Practice Illustrative Case Studies Illustrative Case Studies
A pilot investigation of anterior tilt use among power wheelchair users Arne Compernolle (Belgium) Pressure ulcer risk factors in persons with mobility-related disabilities Prof Stephen Sprigle (United States) Beyond patient safety: A multi-organisation study of Adverse Incident investigation practices across Scottish NHS wheelchair services Owen Mills (United Kingdom) Hands Off! What Does Therapy Look Like in 2020? Dr Ginny Paleg (United States) The introduction of powered mobility Aoife McCarthy (Ireland) Lucie’s Story Dr Jennifer McKee (Ireland), Sarah Clayton (United Kingdom)
Research priorities on the role of cognition for power mobility device use Dr Krista Best (Canada), Dr Emma Smith (Ireland) Relieved! Intelligent Cushion facilitates improved participation Uwe Schonhardt (Switzerland) Wheelchair Service Provision: Comparing Ireland and Canada Dr Emma Smith, Dr Rosemary Joan Gowran (Ireland) The effect of “Smart Robotic Seating System” on Sitting Posture and Trunk Movements in Cerebral Palsy Efrat Shenhod (Israel) Providing the correct cushion for a SCI with stage 3/4 Pressure ulcer, without compromising  stability and transfers Joanne McConnell (United Kingdom), Breda Fletcher (Ireland) Adopting the concepts of positive deviance: An evidence based personalized approach to wheelchair assessment and provision for children with Spina Bifida in Lebanon Dr Marie Abou Saab (Lebanon)
How are the Surfaces and Shape Important to Prevent Pressure Sores? Martino Avellis (Italy) Standard assessment in patients with Neuromuscular diseases- results from a new network Elise Dupitier (France)
13.30-14.00 Quantum Pride Sunrise Medical
14.00-15.00 WORKSHOPS
Ahead of the Curve – Rethinking Plus Sized Seating and Mobility (Intermediate) Stephanie Tanguay (United States) Hypotonia Care Path (Beginner) Dr Ginny Paleg (United States) Anatomy of a Wheelchair: Clinical Implications (Intermediate) Tina Roesler (Canada) Every Child Has the Right to Move: Providing Self-generated Mobility Experiences in Early Childhood (Intermediate) Dr Lisa Kenyon, Lisabeth Nilsson (United States) Using technology to explore seated anatomy and its impact on pressure ulcer risk (Intermediate) Dr Sharon Sonenblum (United States) Early Intervention With Custom Molded Seating (Intermediate) Thomas Hetzel (United States)
15.15-16.15 WORKSHOPS
Powered Wheelchair Skills – Innovative Ways to Provide Meaningful Education and Training through collaborative person-centered practice at home and in the community (Beginner) Joanne McGlanaghy, Orlaith McAuliffe, Mark Jennings, Aoife Guilfoyle, Dr Rosemary Joan Gowran (Ireland) The Application of Seat-Elevation Devices for Power Wheelchair Users (Intermediate) Julie Piriano (United States) Paving the way for ‘On-Time’ Mobility and Play for Young Children with Disabilities: Powered Mobility Barriers and Solutions (Intermediate) Dr Heather Feldner, Andrina Sabet, Dr Lisa Kenyon (United States) Equipment blueprint in Cerebral Palsy (Intermediate) Dr Carolina Ayllón (Argentina) Tilting the Odds: Manual Tilt to Improve Rehabilitation Outcomes (Intermediate) Debbie Pucci (United States) Considering Power Dynamic Positioning as an Essential Part of the Seating System (Intermediate) Kathy Fisher (Canada)